A company that needs to go down for bad behavior

This is going to be an evolving post. Meaning I will be adding names and numbers to it.

Why am I so pissed about this company? Well, for over nine months they have been harassing me. It is not even me that they are trying to reach. It is Daniel something or another.

I have tried asking nicely with all of the empathy and politeness all the way to brutally profane. I even let one of them give me their presentation in the hopes that I could politely decline their offered product (a “discounted” Vegas travel package that sounds like a good deal, but likely crap content). My wife tries to remind me that these people are just trying to do their job and that they are call center slaves just like we used to be. (The only real difference is that we were tech support and these are sales scuz.)

Now that I am pissed enough, I will start detailing what I can about them here. It will not be my fault if someone initiates without my knowledge or request, DDoS attacks, email bombing campaigns, war dialer campaigns, random calls,, who knows what all manner of disruptive acts some unhinged individuals may choose to carry out as they may also be frustrated with how these kinds of campaigns bug the hell out of them.

I will see if I can find the log that I started working on.

(725) 279-0554 04/18/2024 8:11pm – Missed call, no message

(725) 237-4201 04/19/2024 12:11pm – Hung up when I answered (their display probably showed I was a DNC)

(725) 288-0283 04/19/2024 4:57pm – Hung up on me, then when I called back they thought I was Daniel. (I got profane)

A fun exercise with Microsoft Copilot

I asked Copilot “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.”

This was its response

Ah, the timeless riddle of the industrious woodchuck! 🌳🪓

If a woodchuck could indeed chuck wood, it would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck. But alas, the true measure of a woodchuck’s wood-chucking prowess remains shrouded in mystery, hidden beneath the forest canopy.

Some say it’s a mere cord of firewood, while others whisper of entire lumberyards disappearing into the earth at the woodchuck’s determined paws. Legends speak of woodchucks challenging beavers to log-rolling contests, their tails flitting like metronomes, counting each timber tossed.

Yet, the woodchuck remains stoic, its tiny eyes fixed on the horizon, contemplating the weight of its arboreal destiny. Does it dream of sequoias or ponder the density of oak versus pine? Only the ancient oaks know, their rings echoing tales of woodchuck lore.

So, my dear seeker of woodchuck wisdom, let us embrace the enigma. For in the heart of every forest, there lies a woodchuck—silent, resolute, and forever pondering the eternal question:

“How much wood could I chuck if I could chuck wood?”

And the leaves rustle their secrets, but the answer remains elusive, lost in the whispering wind.

“You wouldn’t know what you would do if…”

Oh, that fun old phrase. I have heard it many times over the years.

Yes, I have been accused of being a know it all. I do not know it all, but given my background and essentially having five parents form a variety of backgrounds I have had a wonderful sampling of experiences. Some experiences have been great, others not so much.

For today’s tale from Griz involves that phrase used in the title of the post. I think part of it was mentioned in the post about Trigger Warning and PTSD.

“You wouldn’t know what you would do if someone shoved a gun in your face.”

That one is quite presumptuous. Many of us roaming around are veterans. The less fortunate have been combat vets and had to deal with this situation more times than you would want to know. [Free tip of the day form a vet to a civilian: Never, and I mean NEVER ask a vet if they have killed anyone. Little kids get a pass, but will likely get a kind request to never ask that question in the future.]

In my case, I am quite fortunate. I am a combat era vet, but not a combat vet. A combat vet is pretty obvious, they saw action. A combat era vet served while there was combat action, but they were not part of it. I was discharged as Gulf I was spinning up and due to a service connected injury so I was spared what my brothers and sisters in arms endured.

Now The first time that I had a pistol thrust in my face, my reaction was a bit different than the next time it happened. I had just turned the ripe age of 15. Now my step dad had this idea to no longer be a renter, be a home owner. Well the home, was full sized conventional school bus. The joke at the time was that my room would be a trailer, and when I turned 18, he would just pull the pin and I was to hope that we were parked at the time.

If you have ever been in an older bus, you may know how the door gets opened. There is a handle reach from the driver’s seat with a long rod that connects to the door. When it is pulled closed, it snaps over a small hump to be a lock. Now, if you want to open the door from the outside, you do a CPR style thrust to the screws where the rod attaches to the door. Sometimes it may take a few thrusts to get that handle to pop over.

I was about to move to Maryland with my Dad and step mother so I was having some farewell gatherings and was staying out late as it was July with great weather. When I got “home” that night, I was struggling with the lock. Then all of a sudden I got it. the door popped. Only it wasn’t me that opened the door it was my step-father. All I was was the muzzle of his Colt 1911 staring right in the middle of my face. Yes folks, it was pretty much the way that you see it depicted in the movies. That barrel sure looks HUGE! The teachings of my youth kicked in. Freeze, keep hands in view, and be calm. It only took a moment for me to be recognized and allowed in.

Once you face the one eyed stare and lived to tell the tale, it is easier the next time. For this I have to fast forward to 1989 when I was a whole 22 years old and in uniform. Like many of the enlisted men at Fort Benning (As it was called then) I went to the enlisted club on Main Post to drink and enjoy the music. At that time that music was accompanied by scantily clad young ladies (well then they were my age and a little older. As I look back, YOUNG, but legal ladies) and they had less on as the music continued. I have always carried the bouncer mentality and tended to befriend the DJs and dancers always happy to watch over them.

On this particular evening the DJ and his girlfriend had a bit of a tiff. She stormed out and the DJ was stuck in the booth. I had given her a couple of moments, then followed to check on her. After looking for a few minutes I saw her in the passenger seat of a pickup. I walked over and opened the door and was starting to ask her if she was okay. I think the conversation started off like “Are y… [sound of a round being chambered into a .45]” Only this time, I did not freeze in place, like I was taught to do. Now I holding onto more refreshed instructions and reactions. I simply rapidly reached over jammed the webbing between my thumb and forefinger between the hammer and the slide, then closed my grip over the weapon, disarming the prick who dared draw on me. Yes, had he had the balls to pull the trigger I would have had a hell of a blood blister. If he had balls AND reflexes, I could have been dead. Having “his” pistol in my possession, I finished my sentence. “Are you okay?” she said she was so I closed the discussion with throwing the pistol back at fucktard, telling him that if he ever came near me I would kill him without question. At that, he started the truck and flew out of there like his ass was on fire.

Sad thing for him was that a pen and notepad is part of your uniform. That make it cake to grab the license plate as he fled. Another thing that did not make his night is that the MPs are always roaming around the enlisted/NCO clubs since we tend to get drunk and rowdy. It you are one of my more regular readers, you have already connected the dots. The MPs rolled in and I had a chat with them about my all to recent encounter. I decided that I had had enough fun for the evening so I am a couple buddies rolled to his off post trailer. When we got their we got a call from the MPs. PFC (maybe he was a sergeant) Titus has a suspect that they needed me to come to identify. Okay, cool, I am on my way. I stroll in, PFC Titus leads me to a window and low and behold there is a very dejected and upset fuckwad and as a bonus a co-fuckwad.

It turns out that the fuckwad twins were medical holdovers like myself. Just waiting for their discharge orders to go home. Here’s the difference, I was just doing some drinking and doing my duty during duty hours. These guys were caught, on post, drunk, DUI, and in possession of not just loaded firearms, but a bunch of stolen parachute gear and other military property that they were not supposed to have.

If you are familiar with the military justice system, it is fairly different than the civilian system. We are property and get treated differently. They very likely turned their almost out status into convicted felons serving time doing hard labor (I was told that at Fort Benning, hard labor mean pretty much splitting wood form sun up to sun down with meal breaks. Maybe it is true, maybe it isn’t. I would like to hear form some with a definitive answer to know.) then when their sentences were over, they would be given dishonorable discharges before they could head for home with their tails tucked between their legs.

To this day I have not had to stare down another muzzle unless it was one that I owned and was cleaning or inspecting.

I did once face a drunk man with two knives. That was a fun New Year’s Eve. Long story short, I was bouncing for a roommate at her bar. Dude was too drunk and got belligerent so she tossed him. He did not think that a woman had the right to stop a man from drinking. Now, she COULD have dealt with him, but I stepped in (sorry ladies… at least now I wait to see if you want me to step in, or if YOU want the fun of dealing with these assholes.) and he pulled the two kitchen knives. I did an outside crescent kick taking one knife from him while shaving a layer of two from my combat boot. That pissed me off later as I had hours of spit shining on those boots. Estúpido borracho retreats to his car and it starting it up. I on the other hand and now wound up tight. I spotted a section of pipe and proceeded to go to town on tonto borracho’s car. That window was TOAST and he tore off out of the parking lot, but not before hit me with his car. I saw the hit coming and jumped up to reduce the impact. I bound off the windshield and rolled off the side. Jackalope was playing pinball from car to car for who know how many blocks before the cops got him. I spent the stoke of midnight that new year in the ER at Bethesda Naval Medical Center getting glass picked from my scalp and making sure that nothing else was damaged.

So yeah, for many of life’s adventures I do happen to fucking well know how I would react. Next time you are tempted to ask a stupid question, rethink about it. Think about the odds and probabilities that you will not like the answer or it may make you look the fool.

The attack on the U.S.S. Liberty

Some wonder why I am so critical of the Israeli government. This is one of the reasons. To be clear, I do not have issues with the people of Israel, especially those that are survivors of the pre-Israel days and their plight of roaming while being persecuted.

The attack on the USS Liberty remains one of the most controversial and debated incidents in modern military history. On June 8, 1967, during the Six-Day War between Israel and its Arab neighbors, the USS Liberty, a United States Navy technical research ship, was attacked by Israeli air and naval forces off the coast of the Sinai Peninsula in international waters. The attack resulted in the death of 34 crew members and the wounding of 171 others. The circumstances surrounding the attack, including its causes, motivations, and aftermath, continue to be subjects of intense scrutiny and speculation.

The USS Liberty, a converted World War II cargo ship, was equipped with electronic surveillance equipment and was stationed in the eastern Mediterranean Sea to monitor communications during the Arab-Israeli conflict. On the day of the attack, the ship was flying the American flag and clearly marked as a U.S. vessel. Despite this, Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats repeatedly attacked the Liberty for over two hours, subjecting it to strafing runs, napalm bombings, and torpedo strikes.

The Israeli government initially claimed that the attack was a case of mistaken identity, asserting that Israeli forces had misidentified the USS Liberty as an Egyptian vessel. According to Israel, the attack occurred amid the chaos of the Six-Day War, and the Liberty’s presence in the area was not communicated effectively to Israeli forces. However, many skeptics have questioned this explanation, pointing to various factors that cast doubt on the official narrative.

One aspect that has fueled skepticism is the advanced surveillance capabilities of the USS Liberty, which included sophisticated electronic intercept equipment. Some believe that Israel may have attacked the ship to prevent it from intercepting communications or gathering intelligence that could have been damaging to Israel’s war efforts or revealed its military strategies. However, concrete evidence supporting this theory remains elusive.

Furthermore, survivors and witnesses of the attack have reported incidents that seem difficult to reconcile with the idea of mistaken identity. For instance, crew members have described Israeli aircraft flying low and slow over the ship for an extended period before opening fire, as well as machine gunners targeting sailors who attempted to extinguish fires or launch lifeboats. These accounts suggest a deliberate and sustained assault rather than a mere case of misidentification.

In the aftermath of the attack, the United States government launched multiple investigations to determine the cause and circumstances surrounding the incident. The initial inquiries conducted by the U.S. Navy and the CIA concluded that the attack was a tragic case of mistaken identity. However, subsequent investigations, including those by independent researchers and journalists, have raised serious doubts about the validity of this conclusion.

Despite the evidence suggesting that the attack on the USS Liberty may have been intentional, the controversy surrounding the incident persists. Official documents related to the attack remain classified, contributing to speculation and conspiracy theories. The lack of a definitive explanation from the Israeli government has also fueled skepticism and mistrust.

In conclusion, the attack on the USS Liberty stands as a tragic and contentious chapter in the history of U.S.-Israeli relations. While the official explanation points to a case of mistaken identity amid the fog of war, lingering questions and inconsistencies continue to cast doubt on this narrative. The incident serves as a reminder of the complexities and uncertainties of warfare and the importance of seeking truth and accountability in the face of tragedy.

Israel and Palestine: Why I say screw ’em both

When I was in high school, I remember quite vividly watching the evening news one evening when a Palestinian boy had thrown a rock at an Israeli soldier who was in full battle dress uniform. What was the response for that transgression? Well it was quick, the boy was murdered by the solder.
I wanted to know why this boy risked his life like this, so I started to look into how Palestine was stolen by Israel.

Yes, I saw it as being stolen and for many years, most of my life in fact, I viewed the nation of Israel as Palestine.

Pretty recently I was pressed to look more deeply at the Palestine/Israel situation. This time, I went more deeply than I did as a young punk.

My views were also tempered by my military service. Yes, Israel has long been an ally to the United States. (I will NEVER forgive Israel for her attack on the USS Liberty. https://www.usslibertyveterans.org/)

We pour a cubic buttload of money into Israel. For what? Seemingly to have a “friend” in the Middle East.
Now, we give a bunch of money to Palestine as well. Why? Well for humanitarian reasons.

So let’s discuss the situation between the two “nations”. I am using nation for Palestine eventhough they really do not have a nation. They are but a mass of people living on land that their owners permit them to occupy.

Palestine wants a) its land back, b)sovreignty, and c) the elimination of Israel. For most of my life, I thought I understood their plight and shared the view.
Israel wants a) peace and b) per Bebe the elimination of Palestine.

The two sides wish to occupy the same land, yet eliminate the other. This cannot and will not work. They are unable to come to any form of understanding. Now with that said, I still despise the Israeli government for how it behaves, conducts itself, and pushes others.
For Palestine… meh, they have lost their claim to the lands. To the victor go the spoils.
On numerous times they have been offered land, and peace, but they are absolutist and will not accept the deals. When you initiate a war, and you lose land, you also lose the claim to it, legally and morally.

Lets look at the major milestones of their wars:

1948 Arab-Israeli War: Following the declaration of the State of Israel in 1948, neighboring Arab states, including Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq, launched a military intervention in Palestine, which eventually led to the first Arab-Israeli war.

1956 Suez Crisis: Israel, along with France and the United Kingdom, invaded the Sinai Peninsula in response to Egypt’s nationalization of the Suez Canal. – Bad Israel

1967 Six-Day War: Israel launched a preemptive strike against Egypt, Syria, and Jordan, resulting in the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Sinai Peninsula, and Golan Heights. – Potentially Bad Israel – I was born during this war and I have not studied the points of instigation. This was when Israel brutally attacked a US Navy Science vessel.

1973 Yom Kippur War: Egypt and Syria launched a surprise attack on Israel during the Yom Kippur holiday, aiming to regain territories lost in 1967. – Bad Arabs acting on behalf of Israel.

1982 Lebanon War: Israel invaded Lebanon with the aim of eliminating Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) presence there, leading to a prolonged conflict. Bad Israel

First Intifada (1987-1993): A Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, marked by widespread protests and clashes. Bad Palestine

Second Intifada (2000-2005): A period of intensified Israeli-Palestinian violence, triggered by a visit by Ariel Sharon to the Temple Mount, leading to widespread conflict and incursions on both sides. Both bad.

Gaza War (2008-2009): Israel launched Operation Cast Lead in response to rocket attacks from Gaza, resulting in a large-scale military operation. Gaza got its dick smacked by Israel for its bad act.

Gaza War (2014): Israel launched Operation Protective Edge in response to rocket fire from Gaza and to destroy tunnels used by militants, resulting in a significant escalation of violence. Gaza once again got its dick smacked by Israel for another bad act.

2018-2019 Gaza border protests: Palestinians in Gaza launched mass protests along the Gaza-Israel border, which often led to clashes with Israeli forces. Protest are fine, but Israelis killing unarmed protesters is a party foul.

2021 Israel-Gaza conflict: Intense fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, sparked by tensions in Jerusalem and subsequent rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel. Gaza once again got its smacked silly by Israel for another bad act.

2023 Hamas launches rockets into Israel from Gaza. Israel responds with a brutal pounding and several war crimes because the Israeli government is full of “Don’t give a fuck about what is right or wrong” it is only a war crime if they can play the victim.

In the end where does that leave me and my opinions? Well, My opinions are my own and hold no real value to others I suppose. I do however feel compelled to note as I did early in this post that the Palestinian leadership has brought most of this onto themselves. I predicted at the begingin of this latest action that Netanyahu would go scorched earth on the Palestinians.

The neighboring countries need to open their doors to the Palestinians and take in those refugees. Those refugees need to accept that Palestine no longer exists and hasn’t since 1948. There are likely very few of them that were born in Palestine.

As for Israel, the US needs to defund them and the government officials need to stand trial for their war crimes. Not for genocide either, but everything else. Palestinian is not a genus on the human branch of taxonomy.

For all I care, they could both lose the land and turn it into a UN sanctuary for displaced citizens around the world and those people could remain their as long as they were lawful and peaceful. If they cannot live peacefully, then they can be deported to wherever the hell they came from or whomever would accept them.

Trigger Warning… PTSD

That phrase in an email at work caused me to have to have a friendly discussion with my boss. I will not go into that discussion beyond the fact that my use of the phase was known to be in a sense of humor.

The other party felt that it was offensive.

Okay, so are you so fucking self absorbed that your (I am assuming that it was their) feelings that felt infringed upon?

I have sat on this for a bit now and in some ways it has been brewing and stewing. It has visited me while I was going to sleep, or even waking up.

Should it bother me? Prebaby not, but it does.

I have to wonder if they are laying claim to the PTSD as they have experienced something in their lifetime. If they have experienced something, I hope that they heal from it.

But to deny me the use of the phrase Trigger Warning… or PTSD?

You can fuck right the hell off.

Do I have PTSD? damn right I do.

Lets touch on some of my past lives and areas where a little PTSD may be in order, so if you are tender of heart and not up for real feelings, please head to https://www.disney.com right now.

Trigger Warning…

I was a latchkey kid starting at 2nd grade. Yes, I know today it would be considered a shame for a child to wake, shower, dress, and feed themselves… it would be criminal for them to be allowed to hop on their bike (without a helmet even) and ride to school.

After school I would ride/walk home then have to entertain myself until 5-6pm when my father would get home. I really wish that he would take my calls so that I could express to him how sorry that I am that I was not a better kid, teen, or even early adult. I did not become a really good person until after he stopped taking my calls. I may cover that more later.

Trigger Warning…

While riding my bike one day, I was outriding bullies, I had a steep hill to get away, but it was not an easy ride down. I ended up hitting a rock and tumbling. I hit my head in the process and going unconscious. I have no idea how long I was out. When I came back to the real world, I walked my bike down Stark Street (for the non-local, just know that it is a major throughfare in Portland Oregon) and I passed a high school girl who looked at me and almost lost her lunch. I got back home and found out why, Most of my hair was matted blood. I probably told my dad about it when he got home. I was already cleaned up by then. It was not the first (or last) time that I patched myself up.

Trigger Warning…

One may get a little PTSD from getting into arguments to the nose to nose level with an outlaw biker step dad. Yes there was yelling… yes there was screaming… but once I stopped running form bullies and actually taking a stand and beating the fuck out of them for fun, I stopped backing down. I even got into one fight because another kid asked “Fuck you, wanna fight” Game on! But that is a story for another post. My mother quickly saw the writing on the wall, I was no longer interested in her or I being abused any further and that since a 15 year old was literacy nose to nose with a 50+ year old biker and not showing fear, I had to be extricated form the situation. {sorry sis, i know that we really have not talked about some of my baggage with your dad.]

Trigger Warning…

That same 15 year old trying to get into the bus that had been converted into a home… to unlock the door of an old bus, you do a CPR trust to pop the lock on the door release. Well I was having trouble that night. Then the door opened and I got to have my first stare down the barrel of a Colt 1911 .45ACP. Yes, it is an attention getter. Did I lose sleep over it? Nope, but it was only a day or two before I moved to the East Coast and started a new life. It was the last direct abuse that I endured from him.

Trigger Warning…

Before I went into the Army I was homeless for a short minute (after a serious of poor decisions/action so don’t think I am proclaiming innocence here). When my folks found out, They took me back in while I was waiting to ship to Fort Benning Georgia. I learned some things during that stint, but it was a mild lesson.

Trigger Warnings (multiple)…

While I was in basic training, I blew out one of my knees and was pulled from training. At first it was all oh poor your here, take some worthless pain pills and drive on private. When that did not work, they threatened to recycle me. (For my civilian friends, that means to start me from day one again) Well, that did not help me heal either. I know it is a damn shock isn’t it? So They put me in physical therapy for a while. Then I had a brand new doctor (I knew from her rank) tell me… “You know private, these injuries usually get better when you get home.” Inside I was livid and I wanted to yell “BITCH, I was fuckin homeless when I came into the Army, what makes you think that I want to go back?” Remember, I was not the kinder, and gentler Griz that you may now how yet… I was able to civilly tell her that I did not want out of the army as I had no place else to go. She then took my crutches away and kicked me out of physical therapy. As you can imaging, that also did not heal me, physically or mentally. The hobbling around blew out my other knee. I was pulled form training entirely and did desk duty in the office. Ultimately, they did a bone scan (another story for another day) and told me, “Private, Uncle Sam broke his new toy, and I am afraid that you will likely never walk straight again”. That took me to a very dark place and I started sketching things that my platoon mates noticed and reported to a drill sergeant. Next thing I now, I am having an appointment with a doc across the street to discuss my suicidal ideations. A month or two after that, I noticed that I was getting a weird vibe from the drill sergeants and officers around me and is was SUPER WEIRD. Then the Senior Drill called me over and told me to get in a vehicle. Odd, I have not been taken for a ride unless it was in the back of a deuce and a half (big truck folks). I was taken to Main Post, to the CID office. CID stands for Criminal Investigation Division. For you NCIS TV show fans, this is a Army version. It turned out that there was a guy back home that wanted to date my high school sweetheart who had broken up with me a couple years earlier… but He seemed to feel that I was in the way. How would I be cleared from his path to courtship? Well call the Battalion and claim that I was selling drugs in the company, not just little stuff either. apparently they thought that I was dealing cocaine. He was going to mail them the evidence that I was mailing it to his “girlfriend” Now I start studying law (as a hobbyist, in 8th grade (yes another story for another day)) I knew that it would mean nothing as the chain of evidence would be shit and any attorney could get that tossed, even if I represented myself, I could have. For the record, to that point of my life, I had never seen coke, let along taken or sold it. As of today, I have seen it, in other people’s possession, but I have not touched, handled, or consumed it in any way shape or form. My DD-214 friends know that this mere accusation ended my time in the service. There was a female agent in the room and I (even today) took my Military Customs and Courtesies class seriously. I am careful with my words in mixed company, unless I know that that company is okay with the words. I did have a few vehement slips in courtesies as I told him that his case was full of shit and that there was no evidence as I had done nothing of the kind. When I was discharged form the Army the following Monday, I called my ex to let her know that I would be heading back to town soon. She already knew that I was discharged and in fact the guy that was accusing me of crimes, told her before I had received my orders that I was being discharged and when. As a postal worker, how would he have known. So after a few weeks staying near Benning with friends, I headed back to Maryland. My ex let me stay in her guest room.

Trigger Warning…

After another bad decision, I moved out of her home to the streets, more specifically into a large park. Winter came quickly, and if you know Maryland, that is often not a pleasant thing it get damn cold, bitter to the bone cold. More bad decisions, but… I broke into a home nearby and stole camping gear, food, and wine. I was finding warm places to sleep when things were bad. I would sneak into a laundry room in an apartment complex and sack out behind the driers because they were warm. Sleep with women simply for a shower. I did get a job, buy could not earn enough to get out of the woods. I got “home” one night to find out that my entire campsite was gone. both tents and all of my belongings poof. I got caught sleeping in a room among the tunnels under the mall that I was working in. It turns out that I snore SOOOO badly that it can scare people (who knew?!?). My boss connected me with one of the food court staffers who rented rooms and I moved over there. It was pretty soon when the police that had seized my camp connected all of my uniforms, discharge papers, and medical records to my new job. They came to have a chat with me, and once again, I got to go for a ride. This ride resulted in cuffs, prints, and pictures. I may have to tell that story again for you later on.

I will skip a bunch of other trigger warnings for tonight

Trigger Warning…

Did you know that if you spend enough years in call centers taking many mean and angry callers that you can get a form of Tourette’s? When my phone rings I (and many other colleagues) reflexively curse. I have silenced my phone and it stayed silenced for years. It wasn’t until I wanted to be sure that I did not miss my current boss’ calls that I made changes to my phones settings. When he calls it now plays the Darth Vader March. It is not me being mean, it was his suggestion as I love him dearly. He has been the best boss in my many careers and I would walk over coals for him. When he retires, I will cry…

Trigger warning…

I am so pro-choice that I do not judge those that choose to end their own life. I have contemplated it many times.

Trigger Warning…

So if you think that you get to monopolize the phrases Trigger Warning or PTSD, you are likely a sadly mistaken millennial who has no fuckin’ clue as to what PTSD is really about. Have your life situations been as bad as what I have shared with you tonight? (I deeply hope not) I even held some things still within my mind and other elements I have discussed with nobody and never will.

Trigger Warning… PTSD Trigger Warning… PTSD Trigger Warning… PTSD Trigger Warning… PTSD

The Futility of Delaying School Start Times: The Night Owl Conundrum

The debate over whether to delay school start times for students has raged on for years. Advocates for later start times argue that it would improve academic performance and overall well-being by allowing students to get more sleep. However, there is a compelling argument to be made that such a change may be ineffective, as students are likely to adjust their schedules and simply stay up later at night. This essay aims to explore the reasons why moving students to later start times might be futile, focusing on the likelihood of students adapting their habits in counterproductive ways.

Adolescents’ Circadian Rhythms
One of the primary reasons why delaying school start times might prove futile is the nature of adolescents’ circadian rhythms. During adolescence, biological changes shift students’ sleep-wake cycles, making them more inclined to stay up late and sleep in. This shift is largely beyond their control and is driven by hormonal changes in their bodies. Regardless of when school starts, many students will naturally gravitate towards later bedtimes because of these biological factors.

Adaptive Behavior
Human beings are remarkably adaptable creatures. If school start times were pushed back, it’s plausible that many students would adjust their daily routines accordingly. They might stay up later at night, engaging in activities that may not be conducive to their well-being, such as excessive screen time, socializing, or even part-time jobs. This could result in no net gain in sleep and may even exacerbate existing sleep problems.

Extracurricular Commitments
Students today are often involved in a myriad of extracurricular activities, from sports to clubs to part-time jobs. Delaying school start times could lead to these commitments being pushed back as well. Students may find themselves practicing sports or attending club meetings late into the evening, negating the benefits of a later start time. This could also result in increased stress and time management challenges.

Technology and Distractions
In the digital age, technology plays a significant role in the lives of students. The allure of smartphones, video games, and social media can keep students up late into the night, regardless of when school starts. Delaying the start time might simply encourage students to use their devices even more during the evening hours, further disrupting their sleep patterns.

Parental Influence
Parents play a crucial role in shaping their children’s routines. If school start times were delayed, some parents might continue to enforce early bedtimes, causing conflicts within households. In such cases, students may still find themselves sleep-deprived due to familial expectations and responsibilities.


While the idea of delaying school start times to benefit students’ sleep patterns is well-intentioned, it may ultimately prove futile due to the adaptability of human behavior, the influence of technology, and the shifting nature of adolescents’ circadian rhythms. Rather than relying solely on adjusting start times, a more comprehensive approach to improving students’ sleep habits should be considered. This approach could include educating students and parents about the importance of healthy sleep hygiene, managing extracurricular commitments, and addressing the impact of technology on sleep. Ultimately, ensuring students get adequate rest requires a multifaceted approach that goes beyond simply changing the clock.

Griz Tales – Karma being repaid?

Gather around, it is time for another Tale from Griz.

It is no secret that in my youth I was a .. well had times where I was a pain in the ass. There are many things that I need to do better to shift the karmic balance. I may be getting to a neutral point by now, or maybe even positive.

In March of ’92, I was about to become a father. Wife 1.0 was a week or so from her due date and I was going fishing. Well, she was not going to be left behind, so she was coming along and she new the path to the fishing spot better than I so I (dumbly) trusted that she knew what she was getting herself into. There are a couple of tricky spots on the way down the embankment to reach the ledge were we fished.

As I will still on the fairly easy stretch, my bad (actually both knees are bad, so it was the worst of the two knees) buckled. The path was somewhat wet, so I lost traction in the process and cartwheeled into a full mad scramble tumble down a cliff. I was clawing at the air and branches trying to find a way, any way to slow my descent. In the fall, I landed on a large branch. The crease as the bottom of my butt cheeks where the back of the leg begins hit and my spine became a spring to launch me out into the river. This sounds bad, but it allowed me to not land on the rocks and since the river was up, I splashed down.

This is the North Fork of the Lewis River, which for the non-locals, this is run off from Mt St Helens. This water runs cold year round. In fact I scuba dive a few hundred meters upstream form where I plunged. Much of my gear is think for arctic use and I still have a hard time doing two tank dives due to the cold. I just do one tank, sit for an hour to warm up, then the second tank. As to the actual temp at the time, I do not know. In the peak of summer the water runs 71-77 degrees. in the winter, BRRRR!

As I broke surface, I could hear something tumbling down after me. Being concerned that it was wife 1.0 I yelled out that I was okay. Thankfully our dog had lunged out as if to safe me, causing my ex to have to grab her, reminding her that she was in no condition to come down after me.

I had set out to quit smoking when I got done with my pack and a half were gone. As I exited the water, I knew that my open pack was flooded. My sealed pack, if it were wet too, would be replaced. This was the biggest scare I had had in quite a while. There was more clattering. It was just my tackle box, which I was able to save from going over the ledge and into the drink. I got all the way out of the water, and found that the sealed pack was almost completely dry. That cigarette tasted fuckin’ good. It was hard to keep it dry as I dripped everywhere and my fingers would keep getting wet.

I yelled up that there wasn’t much reason to come, as I didn’t see any fish while I was under. Yes, humor has been a stress defense as far back as I remember.

I packed up my stuff, took a quick physical assessment of myself. I was battered, bruised, had split nails from clawing at branches, and suspected that I could go shocky if I did not tend to myself.

I climbed back up to the top of the cliff and met back up with the worried ex-wife and dog.

We went back home and got me undressed to find out what the damages were. I was limping badly and cold. A hot shower helped, but the pain in the foot was not great, but I had to work that night.

When I got up for work, I was pretty stiff and the right foot was still trashed. My Ex went in with me to work. I got my tasks complete then decided to head to the VA hospital.

I had never gone to the VA for care before. I saw my service connected injury as the source of why I was in this predicament. When we got to the hospital, the nurse did not know which one of us was the patient; The hobbling guy, or the beach ball with arms and feet. (she has said this before, so I do not think that I will in trouble for saying it as well)

They took me in for x-rays and ex-mrs pushed me in my wheelchair around the floor while we waiting for news. it must have been amusing. I am 6-2 and (at the time) 260 pounds, being pushed by a 5′-.25″ Low 100s woman.

They let me know that there was a fracture in the foot. The specific bone, if broken in one direction is just a cast job to fix, but in the other direction, it would require surgery. They would have to wait until morning for the specialist to arrive to find out. You know, we were in a damn hospital, how can there not be a F’n book to tell which way was which?

I got “lucky” it was just a cast. I told the guy that was about to put the cast on that I had my open water for scuba diving in a week or two. He could have gone with a fiberglass cast so I could dive, but he opted for a plaster cast. shiiiiiit. grounded from the water!

It was nearly mid-morning so I called the office to let my boss know what had happened and the outcome. I needed to go into the office for some reason. I parked in a nearby garage and crutched to and fro. Due to my crutch time in the army, I was very well experienced in getting around on them. It was tiring though. When we went to head home, wife 1.0 went up to get the car and bring it down to get me.

At the time, I had a Dodge Aries that HATED my ex. It could commonly not start for her. She came back down in a bit of a panic. Not only had the car not started for her, but she drifted out of the parking stall and was blocking the path out and cars were waiting.

I “scrambled” well as much of a scramble as a temporary gimp (I can use the term for myself) can muster up. I too was unable to get the car to start. It was flooded and cars were backing up. So, we had to push it back up into the stall. Like most public garages, it was uphill into the slot.

So, being the bigger, and stronger (but be-crutched) male will push while the very short, and about to pop pregnant lady to steer the car back into place.

One would expect that one of the many impatient drivers would come to the assistance, if for nothing else but to expedite their exit form the garage. After all, the longer it takes, the more that they are charged at the gate.

Sadly, there was no assistance offered.

It really dampened my outlook on people outside my circle for a number of years. I really worked on sending better energy to the world and beyond. The man I am today is vastly different than who I was then. Then… I believe that I was still just a man-boy, just an apprentice to my current day self.

Never give up on people, but be selective of who you share yourself with. You time and energy is worth more that you likely believe.

Why is it that most only look to the jews killed by Hitler?

During Adolf Hitler’s regime in Nazi Germany, millions of people were targeted and killed as part of the Holocaust and other systematic campaigns of persecution. The breakdown of groups targeted by Hitler can be summarized as follows:

Jews: The Jewish population was the primary target of Hitler’s genocidal policies. Approximately six million Jews, including men, women, and children, were systematically murdered in what is known as the Holocaust.

Romani People: The Romani people, also known as Roma or Gypsies, were subjected to persecution and mass killings. Estimates of Romani deaths during the Holocaust range from 220,000 to 1.5 million.

Disabled Individuals: Under Hitler’s Aktion T4 program, disabled individuals, including those with physical and mental disabilities, were targeted for extermination. It is estimated that tens of thousands of disabled individuals were killed.

Political Dissidents: Hitler’s regime targeted political opponents, including communists, socialists, trade unionists, and other dissidents. Many were imprisoned, executed, or subjected to forced labor.

Homosexuals: Homosexual men were persecuted and imprisoned under Nazi rule. It is estimated that thousands were sent to concentration camps, where they faced harsh conditions and often died.

Jehovah’s Witnesses: Members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses religious group were targeted because they refused to pledge allegiance to the Nazi regime or participate in its activities. Many were imprisoned and subjected to persecution, and an estimated 2,500 were killed.

Slavic Peoples: Hitler’s ideology considered Slavic peoples, such as Poles, Russians, and others, as racially inferior. Millions of Slavs were killed or died as a result of forced labor, starvation, and other brutal conditions.

Other Minority Groups: Various other minority groups, including black people, ethnic minorities, and people deemed socially undesirable, were persecuted, subjected to forced sterilization, and killed.

It is important to note that these numbers are estimates, as accurate records were not always maintained by the Nazi regime. The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., provides detailed information and resources for further study on this topic.

Why is merging so hard for the current drivers on the road?

This is a flat out rip of another website. I do encourage you to check them out and perhaps click on their links to show your appreciation. I am only reposting it for public education with proper attribution.

This is their link: https://keyw.com/on-ramp-merge-rules-washington-state/

Have you ever been driving on the freeway and come up to an on-ramp only to find that there’s a line of cars trying to merge? Do you know what to do?

Who’s Got The Right-Of-Way When Merging In Washington State?

In Washington State, there’s actually a law that dictates who has the right of way in this situation. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride as we explore the battle of the on-ramps!

Thanks to our friends at the California Highway Patrol, they’ve made a handy worksheet that breaks down how to merge onto the freeway.

If you have ever been on the Lewis Street on-ramp in Pasco and you are one of those people that merge like a turtle need, pay close attention below:


So how does merging work?

Here are a few examples:

The RED car is entering a freeway from a side street. If you are driving that RED car, you have the following responsibilities;

1. Use the long onramp and acceleration lane to ACCELERATE to freeway speeds. If you try to enter the freeway at much slower speeds, you will do nothing but cause a problem.
2. USE your left turn signal. Remember, a signal doesn’t automatically give you the right to change lanes. You have to do so safely. DO NOT cut across all lanes to the left lane.
3. You do NOT have the right of way. Plan accordingly and begin making your plan as you start onto the ramp, not when you reach the end.
4. If you still run out of space and haven’t merged, pull over to the shoulder and wait for traffic to clear, then speed up on the shoulder and merge. DO NOT try to force your way on the freeway. (if you follow #3 and plan ahead, this won’t happen)

The GREEN car is already on the freeway, driving in the #2 lane. If you are driving the GREEN car, you have the following responsibilities;

1. MAINTAIN your speed so the red car can plan for you.
2. You may change lanes to the #1 lane if safe to avoid the situation or you may slow down to allow the red car to merge in front of you.

If you are in the #1 lane, DO NOT change lanes into the #2 while vehicles are merging. Wait until they have merged, then you may change lanes for a future exit.

So there you have it:

The next time you’re caught in a merge situation on I-5 or I-82, take a deep breath and remember these simple rules.

By following them, you can help keep traffic flowing smoothly and avoid being that person who causes everyone else to brake suddenly.