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Voluntary Lethal Injection

We have far too many people serving lengthy stints in prison. There are also many who have no hope of getting out.

Those within the prison walls, need to be able to opt in for lethal injection.

If a convict completes three counselling sessions with a licensed mental health professional to become eligible. The professional is not really there to determine sanity, but to ensure that the convict is making this choice of their own free will and is mentally fit to make such a decision.

This would allow them to stop being a burden on their families, society, and themselves. This would leave more funding available for those that want it and where it may be more beneficial.

Why not bring back dueling?

Dueling needs to make a come back.

Not just meeting at sunrise or at the spur of the moment on the streets, but a more formal and considered duel.

If two consenting adults, wish to meet at a licensed dueling site when they attest before a state/local official that they are taking this action willingly and without coercion, why not? They could even sign up as an organ donor for any organs that are still viable after the event.

Dueling would require a nominal fee, at least one person needs to act as a dueler’s second, and a safely shielded area for witnesses to observe from.

The dueling fee could be waivable if they consent to allowing the event to be aired on pay per view. The proceeds would be one third to the to the location, and a third each to the estates of the two parties.

Pro Choice Extreme

As the nation once again rips the divide between the two main scams… err parties further apart, the Pro-Choice Anti-Choice fights resume.

Yes, since I do not have a vagina, uterus, ovaries etc. so I am not really in the race, other than to support those that do, to be able to decide for themselves what is right for themselves and their bodies.

My position on choice, is far more extreme than the current debate.

I believe that a person has the right over their body to the extent that they may choose to end their own life at any time that they wish.

If it were legal to do do, they could seek professional assistance when they are facing terminal illnesses or other situations. By having a professional help with this, it would avoid loved ones having to stumble onto gruesome scenes and be horrible traumatized for the remainder of their days. People would not have to fling themselves off of buildings, endangering those below, both physically, or mentally.

Why do we put so much effort into forcing people to continue lives that they do not wish to? Well, money is one factor. Corpses do not generate much money. Sure there is the funeral industry and the crematoriums along with the urn manufacturers etc. Dead bodies do not need pharmaceuticals, or ongoing medical costs, nor are they generating much revenue for the various accounts at the US Treasury.

Let people die, if they wish. Help it be humane and with more dignity.

We already struggle with resources on this planet anyway.