Dead Pool 2019

We have a tie, Griz and Dandalion had the only cadaver for the year, this had the first and last cadaver bonuses applied.

1GrizBob Dole000000
2Tim Curry000000
3Bill Cosby000000
4Jimmy Carter000000
5Queen Elizabeth II000000
6Willie Nelson000000
7Tommy Chong000000
8John Hurt00000Died in 2017 – invalid pick
9Pete Davidson000000
10Valerie Harper8020103030First Cadaver and last cadaver
1TGBob Dole000000
2Peter Davidson000000
3Bobby Brown000000
4Liza Minnelli000000
5Joni Mitchell000000
6Regis Philbin000000
7John Madden000000
8Bill Cosby000000
9Donald Trump000000
10Leah Bracknell000000
1DandalionAlan Greenspan000000
2Angela Lansbury000000
3William Shatner000000
4Demi Lovato000000
5Clint Eastwood000000
6Robert Redford000000
7Lil Wayne000000
8Pete Davidson000000
9Valerie Harper802053030First Cadaver and last cadaver
10Dick Van Dyke000000
1Reep GrimmerPrince Phillip000000
2Olivia Newton John000000
3Demi Lovato000000
4Kirk Douglas000000
5Dick Van Dyke000000
6Betty White000000
7Jimmy Carter000000
8Artie Lang000000
9Ted Turner000000
10Johnny Depp000000