Are you in on NFTs?

Have you seen NFTs?

Seems like a crazy fad, but how do we cash in when it is early enough?

Have we already missing the boat to the real money that is (was) there to be had?

Is there a residual market so that we can add them to our retirement portfolios?

I have NO fuckin clue, but I intend to find out more, as well as the answers to these questions.

I have friends and family that have the artistic talents to be able to crank out wonderful digital art in what seems like nothing flat. My ex-wife is very talented with her digital art. I have friends that create tattoo flash making it look effortless. They could stand to generate a nice stream of residual income.

When NFTs are created they can be sold, auctioned, or held as part of an art collection. When they are sold, there is a royalty that was specified by the first transaction that will go to the creator of the NFT. I do not know if subsequent owners get a cut or not beyond what they sold the NFT for.

My hope is to get this port to a point that I can promote it to be a long term page for others to refer to. If you know NFTs and wish to share your knowledge, please jump into the comments and I will get the new information added into this post so that all may benefit.

Once you have a digital work that you want to sell, it must be registered. It gets registered onto the blockchain of your choosing and currently Etherium appears to be the most popular coin for this. The registration is not free and it gets pretty fuzzy at this point. The registration cost has a network congestion factor to it, so it is cheaper to do during the weekend when the network is not as busy.

Useful links:

A general FAQ

How to create NFTs

Google Ads

Back to troubleshooting the ads for the site.

I have a feeling that this will be a bit of a process. The end goal is to get them working well enough that the visitor clicks will generate enough that we can put a prize on the Deal Pool.

I am sure that there is just something that I am missing. When they do start working, the next step will be to tune them so that they are not too much of a distraction from our discussions and debates.

Missing an old friend

I don’t know if any of the old gang still monitors for activity here anymore or not.

We lost a dear friend of the site a couple of months ago and it is still bothering me.

Our dear Badcat passed suddenly. Her husband logged into her facebook account and let us know that she was in grave condition. A couple days later he let us know of her passing.

While she did not want to return to Pennsylvania, I am very thankful that her family was able to be there for her passing not to mention being able to support her loving husband. I am not mentioning his name out of respect for his privacy. I do not know how many outside of her circle knew his name.

She was such a good friend to be over the years, we were kind of like family that was separated by an entire country, but until the last year, we were only twenty miles apart. I would have loved to gotten to meet her and her husband in person.

Fond memories of chats and debates over more than a decade. She was here not too long after the website came into existence.

We were quite the gang of digital miscreants, full of opinions that we were happy to share. We got to know where the hot buttons were for our group and tried to stay off of them for the most part, but like all families, we would tap those buttons just to make sure that the other was paying attention.

Badcat, you were loved by almost all. we know that there were some that were never going to fit in, but you didn’t care, you weren’t that kind of cat. You were and always will be Badcat.