A fun exercise with Microsoft Copilot

I asked Copilot “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.”

This was its response

Ah, the timeless riddle of the industrious woodchuck! 🌳🪓

If a woodchuck could indeed chuck wood, it would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck. But alas, the true measure of a woodchuck’s wood-chucking prowess remains shrouded in mystery, hidden beneath the forest canopy.

Some say it’s a mere cord of firewood, while others whisper of entire lumberyards disappearing into the earth at the woodchuck’s determined paws. Legends speak of woodchucks challenging beavers to log-rolling contests, their tails flitting like metronomes, counting each timber tossed.

Yet, the woodchuck remains stoic, its tiny eyes fixed on the horizon, contemplating the weight of its arboreal destiny. Does it dream of sequoias or ponder the density of oak versus pine? Only the ancient oaks know, their rings echoing tales of woodchuck lore.

So, my dear seeker of woodchuck wisdom, let us embrace the enigma. For in the heart of every forest, there lies a woodchuck—silent, resolute, and forever pondering the eternal question:

“How much wood could I chuck if I could chuck wood?”

And the leaves rustle their secrets, but the answer remains elusive, lost in the whispering wind.

What got me a week in Facebook Jail this time?

I got another week in the Griz Wing of the Zuckerberg Detention Center for Free Thinkers.

Why? what heinous content did I dare bring to the table?

well, it was this:

This little toaster it seems, promotes suicide or self harm. At least that it what the small minded staff of the the Zuck police force/prosecutors/jury/judge had to say.

I am kind of curious how one can be harmed by a fictitious character who not only is not plugged in, but seemingly has no cord. How could this tidbit of humor be a danger to the community?