Spammers who can rot in hell

This page is inflammatory by design. This is going to be a collection of individuals or corporations that cannot or will not grasp the concept of eliminating illegal spam. I will have to spend some time determining a delisting process for the schmucks that end up being listed on this page.

This list may include the business name, contact information and why they are on this list. Who knows, I may even dox some of them. Shit, if you see an email link here, feel free to use it. They apparently like unwanted mail in their inboxes. Sure sucks for them since I will not be buying their goods simply because of the inconsideration of them or the companies that they contract out to. To sum it up… Fuck them!

Renewal By Anderson Did you want to call them to tell them that they made the list at tel:+18664900017 Renewal by Anderson is in my inbox all the time. Their emails are not Can Spam compliant and they do not have any way to unsubscribe. Whoever their affiliate is who is doing their spamming is scooping up a ton of email addresses. The email sample that I am reviewing at the moment is addressed to, not even close… I have not had AOL since the 3.5″ floppy days. I did not ask for their ads to start flying at me. They can piss off.

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