Things at work are chaotic. Not in a bad way, but very busy and so many details to chase down.

I find that at the end of the day, recuperating is taking more time and between distractions and other tasks, I am not putting in enough time on my various websites.

We are working on getting a Glow Forge to add to the home based business. With a little luck and some real work, we can pay down the student debt and mortgage. It would be nice to start backfilling the retirement funds.

What am I working on?

It occured to me the other day that part of why my mind is so busy, is that on top of all of the day to day stuff going on… I have five websites that I am working on.

This one of course A crafts store along with my silk-screening when I get the press ready to run again. The shopping cart is in and I have a merchant account for it. Now to get the content in place and it will be ready for sales. My cyber education page This is a theological confessional in progress. An adult themed confessional for whatever a person may need to get off of their chests including fantasies.

Google Ads

I am tweaking the site to get it ready for more content.

Part of those tweaks was Google Ads, they were either obnoxious if you didn’t have a blocker, or invisible if you did. Since I want to use some of the money from ad clicks to put up a prize for Dead Pool, I need the ads to be clickable.

What else should be on the list of to-dos?