Why prevent the use of suppressors?

Firearm suppressors, also known as silencers, have been a controversial topic for years. Many people believe that suppressors are only used by criminals, but this is a common misconception. In reality, suppressors have several benefits for law-abiding gun owners and can actually improve safety for both the shooter and those around them.

Firstly, suppressors can help reduce the risk of hearing damage. When a firearm is discharged, it creates a loud noise that can be damaging to the shooter’s hearing, as well as the hearing of anyone in the vicinity. This is especially true for indoor shooting ranges or enclosed spaces, where the noise can be even louder. Suppressors reduce the noise level by 20-30 decibels, which is enough to bring the noise level below the threshold for hearing damage. This makes shooting safer and more enjoyable for gun owners.

Moreover, suppressors can also reduce recoil and improve accuracy. When a firearm is discharged, there is a recoil that can cause the shooter to lose sight of their target. Suppressors can help reduce this recoil, which makes it easier to stay on target and improve accuracy. Additionally, suppressors can help reduce muzzle flash, which can also improve accuracy, especially in low light conditions.

Another benefit of suppressors is that they can help reduce noise pollution. Shooting ranges can often be a source of noise complaints from nearby residents. Suppressors can help reduce the noise level, which can help mitigate these complaints and allow shooting ranges to operate without causing a disturbance. Additionally, hunters can use suppressors to reduce the noise level of their firearms, which can help minimize the disturbance to wildlife and nearby residents.

Furthermore, suppressors can also help improve communication and situational awareness. When a firearm is discharged, it can create a loud noise that can make it difficult to communicate with others or hear important sounds in the environment. Suppressors can help reduce the noise level, which makes it easier to communicate with others and hear important sounds such as approaching vehicles or other potential threats.

In conclusion, suppressors have several benefits for law-abiding gun owners. They can help reduce the risk of hearing damage, improve accuracy, reduce noise pollution, and improve communication and situational awareness. It is important to note that suppressors are heavily regulated by the federal government and can only be purchased by individuals who have passed a background check and obtained the necessary permits. Suppressors are not a magic solution to gun violence, but they are a useful tool for responsible gun owners who prioritize safety and responsible firearm use.

Why a ban on AR-15s will not help in the fight against the gun problem in the USA.

The issue of gun violence in America has been a highly debated topic, with both sides of the political spectrum offering various solutions. One popular proposal that has gained traction is a ban on AR-15s, a type of semi-automatic rifle that has been used in several high-profile mass shootings. However, while this proposal may seem like a common-sense solution, a ban on AR-15s is unlikely to solve the gun problem in America.

Firstly, it is important to note that AR-15s account for only a small fraction of gun deaths in America. In fact, handguns are responsible for the majority of gun deaths in the country. A 2018 report from the Center for American Progress found that handguns were used in 65% of gun homicides in America, while rifles, including AR-15s, were responsible for only 4% of gun homicides. This means that even if a ban on AR-15s were to be implemented, it would only have a marginal impact on overall gun violence in the country.

Moreover, a ban on AR-15s would likely not be effective in reducing mass shootings. This is because a ban on a specific type of firearm would not address the root causes of mass shootings, such as mental illness and access to firearms. A determined individual could still obtain a firearm through illegal means, or they could simply use a different type of firearm to carry out their attack. In fact, several mass shootings in America, such as the Virginia Tech shooting and the San Bernardino shooting, were carried out using handguns, not AR-15s.

Another issue with a ban on AR-15s is that it could lead to a slippery slope of further gun restrictions. Once a ban on a specific type of firearm is implemented, it could set a precedent for further bans on other types of firearms. This could eventually lead to a situation where all firearms are banned, which would infringe upon the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens who use firearms for self-defense, hunting, and sport shooting.

Furthermore, a ban on AR-15s would not address the issue of illegal firearms. Many firearms used in crimes are obtained illegally, often through straw purchases or theft. A ban on AR-15s would do nothing to prevent these illegal firearms from being used in crimes, as criminals are unlikely to follow the law.

In conclusion, while a ban on AR-15s may seem like a reasonable solution to the gun problem in America, it is unlikely to be effective. AR-15s account for only a small fraction of gun deaths in the country, and a ban on a specific type of firearm would not address the root causes of gun violence. Instead, efforts should be focused on addressing mental health issues, improving background checks, and enforcing existing gun laws to prevent firearms from falling into the wrong hands.

Linguistic puzzle

Here is something that has popped up in my mind many times over the years. I am a fan of linguistics. Words matter, as does punctuation. (this ties in with some of the positions that I have put forth many times on this site.

Terms for various forms of hate/discrimination:

Racist – a person who discriminates based on race

Misogynist – one who is prejudiced against women

Sexist – one who discriminates based on sex

Agist – a person who discriminated based on age

Ableist – a person that discriminates based on physical ability or lack there of

Now, what about hate/discrimination for all, some, or one faith?

I have not been able to find a term in the English language for this situation. The nearest that I have been able to find is Antisemitism. The problem there is that it is hate for just those of the Jewish faith.

Yes, you could use a very lengthy list of terms for a person with hate against those of various faiths; bigot, asshole, prick, thoughtless, discriminatory, and the list goes on.

As one who enjoys language, I would to either learn the proper term, or coin one for it.

With root words and suffixes in mind, theist came to mind but that word is already taken.

Theist – One who believes in the existence of God or gods.

Antitheism is not too far off but that is the opposition of faiths.

What word would you suggest?

Pharmaceutical commercials need to go

Have you grown tired of the volume of pharmaceutical commercials on the airwaves?

Yes, they are a step up from the political campaigns, but they are annoying.

We the average citizen have no business having to watch them. These are controlled substances that require a licensed physician to prescribe them.

We see so many ads that make verbal statements like ABC Drug may help you loose weight, but the fine print at that moment that states that it is not a weight loss drug and it has not been tested as such. So, where does that leave a sight impaired person? They are being misled. The fine print in ads is a whole different issue that needs to be dealt with.

Have you listened to, or read the side effects? Many of these side effects would cause me to not WANT to take the meds. Do they really need to say not to take a med if they are allergic to it? Isn’t that about as nonsensical as having to say that a jar of roasted peanuts
may contain nuts”?

Where should these products be advertised? Oh, I don’t know, perhaps any one of the myriad of medical journals that they likely already subscribe to. Perhaps their sales reps that are dropping off samples with every practice in the country can also provide literature. Let those who are licensed and have education as well as experience determine if it is suitable for their patients to consume.

This onslaught of advertising does nothing but drive up the cost of the pills that they are pushing as well as causes armchair medical professionals (you know the ones, the ones with the FB degrees.) and hypochondriacs to crawl from the woodwork seeking prescriptions that they do not need or are not going to help.

Congress is already enjoying being owned by big-pharma so they are not going to get off the teat willingly. The FCC may be on the same nipples. Could a state ban airing such commercials? I am not sure, the broadcasters may say that their licenses are immune from local interference.

So what is the best answer?

Donald Jester Trump

While I would dearly enjoy seeing Trump get what he deserves for believing that he is all that and a party size bag of chips.

While he was the biggest disgrace to ever wedge his fat ass behind the desk in the oval office, have no delusions about any charges that may be brought against him.

Regardless of how compelling the evidence is against him, keep this in mind. His followers are blind to actual justice. They are so diligently wolfing down the tard muffins and chugging the Kool-Aid that they will not see reason. Ration thought has become a lost art form to the GQP. (Please note that many of the true GOP do not suffer this malady. They are still capable of civil discourse.)

When and if charges are ever levelled, Dolt 45 will seek a trial by jury which is certainly his right. This is where our desire for justice will fail. What are the chances that The jury will be made up of 12 people who will honestly listen to the evidence with an open mind? It appears to be statistically improbable that you will not seat at least one trumplican?

When the Short-Fingered Vulgarian gets acquitted, his tiny mind and overinflated ego will perceive that as him being totally vindicated.

For my justice, I suspect will not come until it is my turn at the national urinal. Now if they want to reduce the national debt, they could charge ten bucks per bladder void…

Why the flap about Brittney Griner?

I am thankful to see an American freed from Russian incarceration.

At the same time, I keep hearing her referred to as “wrongfully detained”. That tag is utter bullshit.

She was lawfully detained, presumably had a fair trial where she pleaded guilty to an act that was even illegal here on her home soil. (as I fight back my cold war upbringing and military indoctrination) She was sentenced, and began serving her sentance.

Others continue to sit in jail as they are not “worth” releasing a notorious criminal in exchange for them. Yet, here we have a sports celebrity. How many boxes does she check? Woman, black, LGBTQ+, two time gold medalist.

It is (quite) possible that she was a pawn in the Ukrainian war. While Putin is a giant piece of crap, he is not an idiot. He sucks militarily speaking and is a war criminal, but he is not a fool.

She was not wrongfully detained.

A .7 gram cannabis vape cartridge is nothing. It is a common size over the counter in a legal state cartridge. If she wants to have then, use them where it is legal, cool. If you want to have/use an a state where it isn’t legal, once must be very careful as they are taking a risk. if they get caught, suck it up buttercup and do the time.

Now taking that substance to a country that Jerry cannot blow Johnny in the privacy of their own bedroom, what are the chances that they will be open to drugs? Yeah, pretty unlikely, and she KNEW it.

For a WNBA star to have possession of a substance that even her own league has banned, shows that she may be stupid. Since she was through all of the testing as an Olympian, she knows what is okay and what isn’t. Taking her cannabis to Russia may have been a catastrophic level of stupid. A full on case of the dumb.

So Brittney, enjoy your freedom, that freedom that cost the US so much to bring about for you.

Oh, and those protests about how unjust the US and the national anthem is, perhaps you have had some time to think about that some more. Maybe that Star Spangled Banner is not such an oppressive tune now.

Celebrity Dead Pool 2023

It is time to start working on your roster for the annual Celebrity Dead Pool.

Remember, you get to submit ten names plus an alternate (in case one of your picks fails to see the new year (this happened to me one year)). You will also want to pick your mortician name (the name you want others from the crew to see) to prevent any embarrassment. I will not post personally identifiable information unless you request it. You also may choose to submit your list in a comment, but going that route may give others the ability to use the same picks. Do you want them to peek?

I will try to get a form built for submissions, but if that does not work, you can email your roster to deadpool@pissedoffpirate.com and I will add them to the spreadsheet.

We have not had enough ad clicks to give us a cash prize this year, so it will be pure bragging rights.

For the full rules and scoring, please click this link: https://pissedoffpirate.com/celebrity-dead-pool-2020/

Do you miss the GOP?

Sometimes I wonder what happened to the GOP.

We used to be able to debate the issues and find common ground, or honestly respect one another’s differences and move on.

When did that end? I am not sure, but for my memory, it seemed to happen during the Baby Bush era. While I did not like an evangelist taking the office and not being competent in the role, it was clear that he was doing what he honestly felt was good for the country. At least based on the input that the staff spoon fed him. He seems like a very good man, but we was not a good president. I have more respect for him now than I did while he was in office.

I saw serious streaks of racist belligerence from the GOP all through my life up until the GQP came into power and existence.

Once the GQP took over the GOP, all respect was lost as racism seemed to become acceptable from the Tard Muffin in Chief all the way down to the general people on the street who became emboldened to commit horrible acts.

The GQP committed a heinous act against our nation on January 6th 2021 and initially some the remnants of the GOP peeked out and stood for democracy, but quickly retreated when it was time to follow through. Those that did show integrity were punished for it. Thou shalt not actually do something honest and true before the eyes of the citizens of The United States of America, let alone the rest of the world. You are to keep bowing and telling the imbecilic emperor how wonderful his spray tan looks with his new cloths.

Moving forward to the current election cycle, I have noticed how the GQP had clung to local personalities to run for office. There are many candidates who were local news personalities to scoop of votes out of name and facial recognition, not that they have a clue how the country works. So their anti-quota arguments fall flat if they no longer want the most qualified applicants. What happened to “celebrities need to stay out of politics”?

With how deeply entrenched both sides have gotten, We The People must sit back and watch yet another congress do little to nothing.

With the global economy, and the American part of it along with the fallout of Trump’s poor management, and the pandemic fucking up both administrations, it set the stage for the GQP to brainwash the masses that it was all Biden’s fault. So much of the party will blindly drink what party leadership puts in the Kool-Aid. This brings around many votes that they would not get if the people would take the time to think analytically.

The GQP formed rapidly, how long will it take to come back to being the GOP again so that the congress (and in turn, the country) can start working together again?

What got me a week in Facebook Jail this time?

I got another week in the Griz Wing of the Zuckerberg Detention Center for Free Thinkers.

Why? what heinous content did I dare bring to the table?

well, it was this:

This little toaster it seems, promotes suicide or self harm. At least that it what the small minded staff of the the Zuck police force/prosecutors/jury/judge had to say.

I am kind of curious how one can be harmed by a fictitious character who not only is not plugged in, but seemingly has no cord. How could this tidbit of humor be a danger to the community?