A company that needs to go down for bad behavior

This is going to be an evolving post. Meaning I will be adding names and numbers to it.

Why am I so pissed about this company? Well, for over nine months they have been harassing me. It is not even me that they are trying to reach. It is Daniel something or another.

I have tried asking nicely with all of the empathy and politeness all the way to brutally profane. I even let one of them give me their presentation in the hopes that I could politely decline their offered product (a “discounted” Vegas travel package that sounds like a good deal, but likely crap content). My wife tries to remind me that these people are just trying to do their job and that they are call center slaves just like we used to be. (The only real difference is that we were tech support and these are sales scuz.)

Now that I am pissed enough, I will start detailing what I can about them here. It will not be my fault if someone initiates without my knowledge or request, DDoS attacks, email bombing campaigns, war dialer campaigns, random calls,, who knows what all manner of disruptive acts some unhinged individuals may choose to carry out as they may also be frustrated with how these kinds of campaigns bug the hell out of them.

I will see if I can find the log that I started working on.

(725) 279-0554 04/18/2024 8:11pm – Missed call, no message

(725) 237-4201 04/19/2024 12:11pm – Hung up when I answered (their display probably showed I was a DNC)

(725) 288-0283 04/19/2024 4:57pm – Hung up on me, then when I called back they thought I was Daniel. (I got profane)