Trying something new

I am playing with splitting the site into three parts.

If I get it right there will be the blog, a cybersecurity blog, and a store.

I may break the site at times as I learn new things.


Also on my list of things to work on is to adjust the horribly large ad block at top and bottom of the page. It is too large. I do intend on using ads, but modestly. It is how I plan on adding prizes for the Celebrity Death Pool.

A whole new build

Well, for those that have with me for a long time, this may be a shock.

I have migrated to a new server and as I contemplated moving all of the old content, I decided against it. It seems like a good time to get a clean start with no excess clutter to troubleshoot as I develop the new page.

For those that had email addresses and they stopped working, please let me know if you wish to continue using them and I will set them up on the new server.

I am checking out new commenting systems as well. The biggest flaw with IntenseDebate is that they did not develop with the times. They did not adopt social media commenting, so those who were connecting via Facebook, LinkedIn etc had to create an account to engage. My desire is for a more inclusive commenting structure without the need to yet another login to remember.