Celebrity Dead Pool 2023

It is time to start working on your roster for the annual Celebrity Dead Pool.

Remember, you get to submit ten names plus an alternate (in case one of your picks fails to see the new year (this happened to me one year)). You will also want to pick your mortician name (the name you want others from the crew to see) to prevent any embarrassment. I will not post personally identifiable information unless you request it. You also may choose to submit your list in a comment, but going that route may give others the ability to use the same picks. Do you want them to peek?

I will try to get a form built for submissions, but if that does not work, you can email your roster to deadpool@pissedoffpirate.com and I will add them to the spreadsheet.

We have not had enough ad clicks to give us a cash prize this year, so it will be pure bragging rights.

For the full rules and scoring, please click this link: https://pissedoffpirate.com/celebrity-dead-pool-2020/