What is the term for…

What is a geologist? One who studies rocks, right?

What is a linguist? One who studies languages.

What is a separatist? One who wants to keep the races separate.

What is a sexist? One who believes that one sex is better than another.

What is a racist? A person who feels that their race is better and the others are less than human.

What is a person who believes that their religious faith is better than all others? Who knows? I am unable to find a term/label for it?

I know people who are steadfast in their religions, which is fine. The problem comes when they refuse to coexist. If you wish to believe in a boogeyman with a golden chariot that hands our chocolate chip cookies on April 21st, great! Just be sure to not interfere with those who do not share your beliefs.

What people choose to believe is up to them. The only caveat to that, is that they must not trample on others while they practice their own faith.

So, with all of the thousands of years that we have had many religions floating about, they were mostly peaceful. Sure there were periods where one religion or another would get a wild hair and try to eliminate all of the others, but for the most part co-existing until Christianity came onto the scene.

Our current world situation is one where conservative Christians and to eliminate most or all Muslims, and the far right Muslims wish to do the same.

In the end after all this time, we do not seem to have a term for a person who hates religion other than their own. This is a faith equivalent to racism. I myself, find it just as repugnant as racism.

Are you aware of a term for it? Perhaps it is a theological bigot. I did find a site that refers to Christian Bigots, and that may be appropriate. ( https://www.redletterchristians.org/am-i-a-christian-bigot/ )