The Atrocities Perpetrated by China: A Century of Human Rights Abuses

Over the past century, China has witnessed a series of atrocities that have left an indelible mark on its history and the lives of its people. From political purges to mass killings, human rights abuses in China have spanned decades, calling into question the country’s commitment to fundamental freedoms and international norms. This essay examines some of the major atrocities perpetrated by China over the last one hundred years, shedding light on the need for accountability and a renewed commitment to human rights.

  1. The Chinese Civil War and Great Leap Forward: The Chinese Civil War (1927-1949) was marked by widespread violence and atrocities committed by both the Communist Party and the Nationalist Party. The Communist Party, led by Mao Zedong, emerged victorious, but it set the stage for future human rights abuses. The Great Leap Forward (1958-1962) witnessed the forced collectivization of agriculture, resulting in a man-made famine that claimed the lives of millions due to starvation, execution, and torture.
  2. Cultural Revolution: One of the most infamous periods in Chinese history is the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). Orchestrated by Mao Zedong, it was a social and political movement characterized by mass persecution, violence, and suppression of dissent. Intellectuals, artists, and political rivals were purged, leading to countless deaths, forced labor, and the destruction of cultural artifacts.
  3. Tiananmen Square Massacre: In June 1989, the Chinese government’s brutal crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square shocked the world. Thousands of unarmed protesters, mainly students, were killed or injured when the military was deployed to suppress the peaceful protests. The Chinese government’s censorship and suppression of information regarding this event continue to this day.
  4. Persecution of Ethnic Minorities: The Chinese government’s treatment of ethnic minorities, particularly the Uighur Muslim population in Xinjiang, has raised significant concerns in recent years. Reports of mass internment, forced labor, cultural assimilation, and religious repression have shed light on systematic human rights abuses, with estimates suggesting that over a million Uighurs have been detained in camps.
  5. Suppression of Dissent and Freedom of Speech: China’s track record on freedom of speech and suppression of dissent is well-documented. The government’s strict censorship, internet surveillance, and control over media outlets limit the ability of citizens to express their opinions freely. Human rights defenders, journalists, and political activists face harassment, imprisonment, and forced disappearances for challenging the status quo.

The atrocities perpetrated by China over the last century are a stark reminder of the importance of upholding human rights and promoting accountability. From the Chinese Civil War to the present-day repression of ethnic minorities, the country has experienced a tumultuous history marred by violence, suppression, and disregard for fundamental freedoms. It is crucial for the international community to remain vigilant and hold China accountable for its human rights abuses, while also working towards constructive dialogue and engagement to foster positive change. Only through a concerted effort to address these atrocities can China begin to restore its reputation and create a future that respects and protects the rights of all its citizens.

Decline in driving skills

As I do all of the errands for the household I spend a fair amount of time behind the wheel. With 30+ years of driving experience including some time holding a CDL, I have seen some miles.

Over the last few years, I have noticed a tremendous drop in a) driving skills and b)good natured drivers.

Some blame the pandemic, but this goes before the pandemic. I will say that it has gotten much worse since then though.

As the millennials took to the road there seemed to be a certain entitlement that was introduced.

People have last the desire or ability to maintain their lane in a turn. Taking the next lane over is chronic, enough so that nobody can trust them to turn at the same time when there are two lanes.

Drivers are having issues trying to maintain an arc so that they end up either driving over the oncoming turn lane, or they drive almost at a diagonal having to cut hard left to complete the turn without wiping out into the curb.

Granted I am in Washington and our legislature has gutted the law enforcement community so that they can barely police the community. The drive appear to be leveraging that to their advantage and it is bleeding over into general lawlessness.

I used to love getting out and driving. Now… I am an emotionally controlled violent man. I am quite patient, but let’s get this straight, I value animal life far more than human life. So… if you succeed in really pushing my button enough to snap, my veteran ass will likely not feel guilt for killing you. Accidents happen… I will not intend to go that far, but when I red-out, shit happens.

I also view road-rage as a social correction.

Tales from Griz

Gather round lil chillin’s and let GrrrPa Griz tell you a tale.

Perhaps it is a dream, or perhaps it is just a tale of caution, I will let you decide. One never knows how statutes of limitations may or may not apply.

A long long time ago and state, far away, a man went out to the pub and had too much to drink. He was homeless and also without a car. Though in that state of inebriation the lack of a car was best. One of the other folks in the pub was passing within a couple of miles where the man was camping so he gave the man a lift.

A couple of miles to stagger in the middle of the night… When he came across a full size steamroller for a road project. The drums were about six feet tall a full lane wide. Drunken curiosity got the better of him. He mounted the steamroller. Well, let’s let it be known that they were not well protected form unauthorized use, it was after all a different time. Just a key in the ignition and all inhibitions (and common sense) were long gone. She fired right up.

The transmission was simple, a lever on the column; forward, neutral, and reverse. She went forward nice and easy. However, the drums were empty so they were LOUD. Brum-de-clang-bang! down the road he went, slow but easy.

Now being the middle of the night far off form street lights, it was easy to see when a car was coming. The glow would come up on the horizon and in the treetops. Well, that was the signal! Toss her in neutral and jump down then into the bushes… after all it could be the county police, or state park police making their rounds. Who wants to get caught for a DUI on a stollen steam roller?

Okay, the coast was clear, just a car. This happened several times.

One of the jaunts off of the steamroller the guy got a shock going over the fence. no really, it was an electric fence! That made it a little more challenging getting back to the idling steamroller. After some attempts at thought the path to clear the fence was worked out.

Back in the saddle, the steamroller continued brum-de-clang-banging down the road. That was, until it came to the top of a moderate hill that from experience driving this road he knew was a somewhat winding road as well. Not doing to try taking the roller down, was there even a brake? who knows/remembers?

That steamroller was left idling at the top of the hill. Time to wander down the hill, just about half way back to camp.

At some point our drink-dumb wandering did another stupid thing. He lay down on the double yellow lines to take a quick cat-nap. Caring not if one of the many cars known to fly up and down this hill were to come along.

Lucky for the tard muffin, a driver came along and checked on him and offered him a ride to where the road came to a T. To the point where, if you know where to look, there was a path to a little camp with two tents housing all of the possessions that he owned.

By the miracles of the tress and nature surrounding this foolish and drunken man, he made it back to camp safely. A question lingered in his mind. Why did the good Samaritan not mention the steam roller that he HAD to pass at the top of the hill? More than likely, it was the stink of the alcohol that connected the dots.

Sometimes, you have to be thankful (extremely thankful) that you survived the utterly stupid things that you may do in your youth.

Interesting stats

I was just looking at where my connections come from.

It is interesting that by far most of my connections are from China.

Helllo China!!

I love your county and people, but despise your government. I hope that you can regain control of your government and make it a less dishonest and deceitful pile of crap.

China’s people deserve better and should prosper without the oppression that they endure.

A Moment For The Country’s Greatest* President

In today’s installment of “Let’s get some shit straight” we will discuss the Greatest* American President.

It has been quite a week for the Orangatard, err former President T-Rump. His lawyers failed to convince the DOJ to not prosecute their client.

When that failed, Cheeto-Von-Tweeto took to his private social media club to try to sway the narrative that he is an innocent man. While yes, innocent until proven guilty. We have heard the tape and we know better. If he comes away from this without any criminal convictions, it will prove that the justice system is broken and that there truly are two levels of justice in our nation. (Now, I have previously discussed the likelihood of any convictions and why those chances are slim while his cult is alive and well) [article link]

Now let’s get to that big ole asterisk attached to the word greatest, shall we?

That are aspects of Cadet Bonespurs are a moments of greatness:

Greatest at being impeached – 2 times in the same term, double that of any other president

Greatest at being sued – While this number is still rising, it is currently 134 lawsuits. This is nearly three times what #2, 3, and 4 have combined (Obama, George W. Bush, and Clinton).

Greatest at mishandling classified documents entrusted to him – 37 counts related to his being fucking willfully incompetent and possibly selling out our trust.

Greatest violator of his oath – He continually abused the office for bilking the US taxpayers. From making the Secret Service pay elevated rates in his hotels, to installing a helipad at at least one of his businesses. The list of his schemes is too lengthy to go into as a bullet point.

Greatest leader of a murderous nation – The murder rate rose with the highest rate of increase in US history. (Aggravated assaults spiked drastically as well) This as on his inauguration when claimed that “This American carnage stops right here and stops right now”.

Greatest guardian of corporate profit – He loves to help the corporations and screw the little guy.

I will not mourn or miss him in the least when he is gone. I will however be thankful at his passing. Not enjoying his loss of life, but celebrating that his time of causing harm to our nation and potentially the world will be over. Form that point it will be getting his cult followers in check.

Why prevent the use of suppressors?

Firearm suppressors, also known as silencers, have been a controversial topic for years. Many people believe that suppressors are only used by criminals, but this is a common misconception. In reality, suppressors have several benefits for law-abiding gun owners and can actually improve safety for both the shooter and those around them.

Firstly, suppressors can help reduce the risk of hearing damage. When a firearm is discharged, it creates a loud noise that can be damaging to the shooter’s hearing, as well as the hearing of anyone in the vicinity. This is especially true for indoor shooting ranges or enclosed spaces, where the noise can be even louder. Suppressors reduce the noise level by 20-30 decibels, which is enough to bring the noise level below the threshold for hearing damage. This makes shooting safer and more enjoyable for gun owners.

Moreover, suppressors can also reduce recoil and improve accuracy. When a firearm is discharged, there is a recoil that can cause the shooter to lose sight of their target. Suppressors can help reduce this recoil, which makes it easier to stay on target and improve accuracy. Additionally, suppressors can help reduce muzzle flash, which can also improve accuracy, especially in low light conditions.

Another benefit of suppressors is that they can help reduce noise pollution. Shooting ranges can often be a source of noise complaints from nearby residents. Suppressors can help reduce the noise level, which can help mitigate these complaints and allow shooting ranges to operate without causing a disturbance. Additionally, hunters can use suppressors to reduce the noise level of their firearms, which can help minimize the disturbance to wildlife and nearby residents.

Furthermore, suppressors can also help improve communication and situational awareness. When a firearm is discharged, it can create a loud noise that can make it difficult to communicate with others or hear important sounds in the environment. Suppressors can help reduce the noise level, which makes it easier to communicate with others and hear important sounds such as approaching vehicles or other potential threats.

In conclusion, suppressors have several benefits for law-abiding gun owners. They can help reduce the risk of hearing damage, improve accuracy, reduce noise pollution, and improve communication and situational awareness. It is important to note that suppressors are heavily regulated by the federal government and can only be purchased by individuals who have passed a background check and obtained the necessary permits. Suppressors are not a magic solution to gun violence, but they are a useful tool for responsible gun owners who prioritize safety and responsible firearm use.

Why a ban on AR-15s will not help in the fight against the gun problem in the USA.

The issue of gun violence in America has been a highly debated topic, with both sides of the political spectrum offering various solutions. One popular proposal that has gained traction is a ban on AR-15s, a type of semi-automatic rifle that has been used in several high-profile mass shootings. However, while this proposal may seem like a common-sense solution, a ban on AR-15s is unlikely to solve the gun problem in America.

Firstly, it is important to note that AR-15s account for only a small fraction of gun deaths in America. In fact, handguns are responsible for the majority of gun deaths in the country. A 2018 report from the Center for American Progress found that handguns were used in 65% of gun homicides in America, while rifles, including AR-15s, were responsible for only 4% of gun homicides. This means that even if a ban on AR-15s were to be implemented, it would only have a marginal impact on overall gun violence in the country.

Moreover, a ban on AR-15s would likely not be effective in reducing mass shootings. This is because a ban on a specific type of firearm would not address the root causes of mass shootings, such as mental illness and access to firearms. A determined individual could still obtain a firearm through illegal means, or they could simply use a different type of firearm to carry out their attack. In fact, several mass shootings in America, such as the Virginia Tech shooting and the San Bernardino shooting, were carried out using handguns, not AR-15s.

Another issue with a ban on AR-15s is that it could lead to a slippery slope of further gun restrictions. Once a ban on a specific type of firearm is implemented, it could set a precedent for further bans on other types of firearms. This could eventually lead to a situation where all firearms are banned, which would infringe upon the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens who use firearms for self-defense, hunting, and sport shooting.

Furthermore, a ban on AR-15s would not address the issue of illegal firearms. Many firearms used in crimes are obtained illegally, often through straw purchases or theft. A ban on AR-15s would do nothing to prevent these illegal firearms from being used in crimes, as criminals are unlikely to follow the law.

In conclusion, while a ban on AR-15s may seem like a reasonable solution to the gun problem in America, it is unlikely to be effective. AR-15s account for only a small fraction of gun deaths in the country, and a ban on a specific type of firearm would not address the root causes of gun violence. Instead, efforts should be focused on addressing mental health issues, improving background checks, and enforcing existing gun laws to prevent firearms from falling into the wrong hands.

Linguistic puzzle

Here is something that has popped up in my mind many times over the years. I am a fan of linguistics. Words matter, as does punctuation. (this ties in with some of the positions that I have put forth many times on this site.

Terms for various forms of hate/discrimination:

Racist – a person who discriminates based on race

Misogynist – one who is prejudiced against women

Sexist – one who discriminates based on sex

Agist – a person who discriminated based on age

Ableist – a person that discriminates based on physical ability or lack there of

Now, what about hate/discrimination for all, some, or one faith?

I have not been able to find a term in the English language for this situation. The nearest that I have been able to find is Antisemitism. The problem there is that it is hate for just those of the Jewish faith.

Yes, you could use a very lengthy list of terms for a person with hate against those of various faiths; bigot, asshole, prick, thoughtless, discriminatory, and the list goes on.

As one who enjoys language, I would to either learn the proper term, or coin one for it.

With root words and suffixes in mind, theist came to mind but that word is already taken.

Theist – One who believes in the existence of God or gods.

Antitheism is not too far off but that is the opposition of faiths.

What word would you suggest?

Pharmaceutical commercials need to go

Have you grown tired of the volume of pharmaceutical commercials on the airwaves?

Yes, they are a step up from the political campaigns, but they are annoying.

We the average citizen have no business having to watch them. These are controlled substances that require a licensed physician to prescribe them.

We see so many ads that make verbal statements like ABC Drug may help you loose weight, but the fine print at that moment that states that it is not a weight loss drug and it has not been tested as such. So, where does that leave a sight impaired person? They are being misled. The fine print in ads is a whole different issue that needs to be dealt with.

Have you listened to, or read the side effects? Many of these side effects would cause me to not WANT to take the meds. Do they really need to say not to take a med if they are allergic to it? Isn’t that about as nonsensical as having to say that a jar of roasted peanuts
may contain nuts”?

Where should these products be advertised? Oh, I don’t know, perhaps any one of the myriad of medical journals that they likely already subscribe to. Perhaps their sales reps that are dropping off samples with every practice in the country can also provide literature. Let those who are licensed and have education as well as experience determine if it is suitable for their patients to consume.

This onslaught of advertising does nothing but drive up the cost of the pills that they are pushing as well as causes armchair medical professionals (you know the ones, the ones with the FB degrees.) and hypochondriacs to crawl from the woodwork seeking prescriptions that they do not need or are not going to help.

Congress is already enjoying being owned by big-pharma so they are not going to get off the teat willingly. The FCC may be on the same nipples. Could a state ban airing such commercials? I am not sure, the broadcasters may say that their licenses are immune from local interference.

So what is the best answer?

Donald Jester Trump

While I would dearly enjoy seeing Trump get what he deserves for believing that he is all that and a party size bag of chips.

While he was the biggest disgrace to ever wedge his fat ass behind the desk in the oval office, have no delusions about any charges that may be brought against him.

Regardless of how compelling the evidence is against him, keep this in mind. His followers are blind to actual justice. They are so diligently wolfing down the tard muffins and chugging the Kool-Aid that they will not see reason. Ration thought has become a lost art form to the GQP. (Please note that many of the true GOP do not suffer this malady. They are still capable of civil discourse.)

When and if charges are ever levelled, Dolt 45 will seek a trial by jury which is certainly his right. This is where our desire for justice will fail. What are the chances that The jury will be made up of 12 people who will honestly listen to the evidence with an open mind? It appears to be statistically improbable that you will not seat at least one trumplican?

When the Short-Fingered Vulgarian gets acquitted, his tiny mind and overinflated ego will perceive that as him being totally vindicated.

For my justice, I suspect will not come until it is my turn at the national urinal. Now if they want to reduce the national debt, they could charge ten bucks per bladder void…