Consumer Guilt To Make the Corporations Look Good

Do you get tired of all of the people that you buy form asking you to donate to whatever wonderful charity?

It sure sounds like a great thing, you know… “Would you like to round up to the nearest dollar for XXXX?” While these charities are wonderful and I am happy to give to them here and there.

Here is the rub, you, I , and everyone else that donates are giving what we want/can. The corporation that is collecting the money for the donations gets the credit for the donation. Yes, the charity may know that this is coming form the company’s clients, but the IRS…. they only see that Company X has donated 2.7 million to save the endangered spotted flea population of Antigua.

So we are putting money into the pockets of the company twice. once for our purchase, then again at tax time. We already have companies that do this that are subsidizing their poor payroll practice by not paying a living wage and suggesting that the employees seek food stamps or other forms of aid.

I will accept the guilt of being the bad guy in this equation, I am no longer going to donate in this way. I will make donations directly.

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