Switching back to IntenseDebate

I am moving our commenting system back to IntenseDebate. It seems to be more effective than the previous system. Yes, it was nice to have more login options and I hope that IntenseDebate will work on that.

When I brought IntenseDebate back up, I was reminded of the loss of our dear BadCat. It will be sad to see her name drop from the list of top commenters over time. She was such an integral part of this group.

3 thoughts on “Switching back to IntenseDebate”

    1. I was wondering… i went to reply to your comment from earlier and .. here we are back with intensedebate.. i kinda like it .. have had it for a reeeaaalllyyyy long time… it's where we all met! but as you can see it's been a while since I logged in

  1. I keep hoping for something with better log in options, but IntenseDebate was bought out a few years ago and it seems to be withering on the vine.

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