More Blind Followers

There have been a few times when I have posted about blind followership. I see some with the Dems, but mostly with the GQP. Yes, GQP, since they seems to have adopted conspiracy theories as a way of life. Now we see it with the Chauvin verdict. He they come, crawling out of the woodwork to cry out how terrible that JUSTICE WAS FUCKIN SERVED.

What damned trial were they watching?!?

Oh! Wait… the trial consisted of facts, not alt-facts as the former Turd-In-Chief used to dole out and all of his toe lickers would applaud him for. Sorry Tucker Carlson, your three quarter stupid, deer in the headlights look will not help you. You were seen being just as much of a fool as the flock of brainless twits that listen oh so intently to you.

Yes, former officer Chauvin was entitled to an attorney… he damned well needed one. He really didn’t have a defense to be put forward, but his attorneys did the best that they could with the utter shit hand that they were dealt.

I saw many people online boo hooing about how this was such a travesty and the case was being decided by public opinion. We ALLLLL saw what former officer puss-wad did. In the end, will he sound like the end of every Scooby Doo show at the unmasking? I would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t have been for you meddling kids. Those meddling kids were the minors who witnessed and recorded the incident. Their courage to stand for what was right needs to be lauded.

Had the murder of George Floyd not been captured so well on mobile devices, Chauvin would have likely gotten swept under the rug like all too many that we have seen in my lifetime and the lifetimes of those before me.

Today, the world wonders if this is the turning of a new leaf or just a lucky stroke in the favor of the oppressed. I would like to think that it is a new trend in holding the police accountable for their actions.

Do I hate the police? No! I respect the hell out of most cops. I have interacted with so many great, caring, and compassionate officers, that it helps overpower the interactions that I have had with some scuzz balls. The trend that we need to see, is the falling on the blue wall. Officer need to out the blue sludge from their ranks. Stand tall and help make their badges shine brightly. People don’t go into policing for the piles of cash, because they do not exist. They put their lives on the line having to make life and death decisions all too often. They have to stand holding back protesters that they may even share the views of just because it is their job, just as much as it was for the defense attorney in the Chauvin case. When you interact with a cop, I suggest that you start with SOME level of respect. If not for the badge, then the human being that is wearing it. Let their actions in your presence determine where that respect level goes. You know know, with an open mind, it could be a good experience. I have had cops cite me for things that I fully earned. It wasn’t a hey you pig, fuck off and take that ticket with you… I have debated positions, but with respect even if they could not see it at the moment. When that ticket book, or cuffs come out, the debate/fight is over. Since I am white, the advice given by the ALCU will probably work. Keep your mouth shut and comply and file complaints after. Life to fight another day. I used to believe that if people of color just complied with the cops’ instructions that they would enjoy the same rights. I had THOUGHT that we had come farther than that over the 50+ years of my life. The last five years or more have taught me that my brothers and sisters with different skin tones do not have the same experience. I am deeply sorry that it is the case.

I utterly reject and despise the concept of ACAB. No not all cops are bad… not even close, but the pain that those that are bad… make it hard to forget the good.

In the end, do not blindly follow that thin blue line, it will take you to an ugly place. Watch the events with open eyes and hopefully an open heart so that you may see things for how they really are. If you see wrongs being done, have the courage to stand up and call it out.