Oregonians Feel That The Poor Are Subhuman

The title takes a short journey to connect the dots.

In 1951 Oregon passed a law that was initially to protect customer from pumps that were far less safe than today. They felt that a refueling technician was needed.

After those initial safety concerns were mitigated making pumps quite safe, they found that gasoline (and the other fuels as well) had carcinogens. The average driver did not like the smell of gas either.

Rather than having everyone pump their own fuel (or pay for full service like forty eight other sates (New Jersey is the other wimpy ass state that doesn’t allow self-serve pumping) thus minimizing the intake of carcinogens, they relegate that to the poor working class. No there are exemptions, motorcycle riders can refill their own gas tanks. Could that be a hold over of feeling that bikers are nonredeemable scourge? Since diesel is also exempt truckers are in the same class as bikers, seen as less than… You have probably seen that as well. Yes, every time that you pull in and have the minimum wage worker scratch off a ticket to a lottery of fatal health issues. The longer than they stay in their oppressed role, the more likely it is that they will win that evil lotto.

Now a couple of years ago, they allowed the people in rural regions to pump their own fuel. Could this be yet another subjugation of the country folk? I will leave that you for consideration

The Oregon voters have decided that gasoline vapors are hazardous to humans, so they have gas station attendants do the pumping. Gas station attendants are typically a low wage job with little room for progression, so they remain poor and not worthy of the protections granted to humans, thus sub-human.

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